Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What is 'The Internets'?

Jeopardy is finally allowing online entries starting today...welcome to this thing called the inter-nets, Alex.

Apparently the White Sox must've had some kind of 'plan' or something when they dealt Aaron Rowand to the Phils, because they have something called 'prospects' that they are using in his place.

Reading has a great soccer team that is has clinched an uprade to a new league!!!!! Well, not Reading, PA, but their sister city Reading, UK. Kudos, guys! Now tell me what the hell any of this crap means????

Marc Narducci says the Sixers are struggling, and does he blame Billy King, Mo Cheeks, Chris Webber, John Salmons, or anybody who is actually being detrimental to the team? No, he is decides to blame Allen Iverson, telling him to step it up from his horrible 33pts, 8 assists and 45% shooting. Shame Allen, shame.


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