Sunday, March 26, 2006

MMMM Denny's

The Denny's World Championship for bowling:

Brad Angelo(0 titles) v. Pete Weber(2 titles)...winner faces Walter Ray Williams Jr. for the championship match

2:35: Too bad for Angelo...Weber's finishing on the left lane where he has just been a force. The man wins. Of course. Weber is going nuts, gotta love this guy. He actually brings some fun to pro bowling. And an awesome ending, with the failed 7-10 two-ball trick shot attempt.

2:34: Angelo is coming in high on the right lane, and pushing on the left. There's no realistic way he can win if he keeps this up...he's not going to get that Denny's platter. However, neither of them have a strike going into the tenth frame, so the match is basically up to Weber. If he strikes out, he wins. Period. This is where they have to just pump up the ACDC when he plays so he can play that persona to its limit.

2:30: After Angelo salvages a 3-10 baby split, Weber leaves up a 2-8 because the ball hits a track of oil and pushed out, but obviously makes that. The next time I see a pro miss something like that, it will be the first. And Angelo also pushes the ball down the lane further, and doesn't really even hit a breaking point. The oil is being pushed down the lane further, which is making it tougher for these inside-outside bowlers to score.

2:26: some may wonder why I'm doing this...well guess what? I like bowling, deal with it! Angelo is back, throwing the 6th frame on the right lane down 8 and he NAILS it. Nicely done, he hits his mark inside and it just smoothly hits the breaking point.

commercial break: John Madden is still doing commercials. Jesus Christ. He has athlete's foot, why should I listen to him?

2:23pm: Weeber easily knocks out a strike in the 6th frame, he has the right lane DOWN. It's hilarious to see a 'bad boy' in bowling, especially one with such an average voice. But, he plays the persona up, and somewhat intimidates his opponents by proclaiming victory before matches where most bowlers say that they're going to just do their best.

2:20pm : Angelo is down a strike, but gets lucky with one going a bit high. Weber got one of those on the same lame earlier, these guys better think about adjusting.


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