Monday, March 27, 2006

Five Reasons To Read Links Online

The Good Phight is going positive, with five reasons the Phillies will win. Somehow, cornering the market on AARP-eligible relievers didn't make the cut.

My bracket is blown up. More on that later today, and you can start laughing but I'll bet yours is just as shitty. Someone please put Billy Packer on suicide watch, there are no ACC, Big 10, or Big East teams in the Final Four. Oh yeah, and some local team named Villanova lost.

Yahoo Sports! reports that Kobe Bryant is named after steak.

As this Reading Eagle letter proves, polls don't count if I don't like the results.

Finally, Coatesville, PA is BOOMING. No joke here, multiple condo buildings are going to be built along Lincoln Highway, as well as 600+ townhomes(rowhomes which are called townhomes so they sell better). Good to see.


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