Sunday, March 26, 2006

Back to Denny's

Denny's World Championship

Walter Ray Williams Jr.(2 titles) v Pete Weber(2 titles)

3:28 - Game. Walter Ray with another big strike, just tearing apart the rack. There's no real reason to think that he would lose now, and so kudos go to Walter Ray Williams Jr., even though I was rooting for Pete Weber.

3:25 - This could be a runaway, with Williams netting a turkey and now up 35 pins in the 5th. Weber and his sunglasses better get their ass in gear...and Weber throws a hard 7-10 where the ball just didn't hit hte breaking point, and is probably done. He needs some help from Walter Ray.

3:21 - Weber's yet to roll a strike after 4 frames. This could get out of control if he doesn't get back his rhythm.

3:18pm - Match of the year. Two guys with so many majors, so much money, and so much TV time. Walter Ray comes out firing, with a spare and 2 strikes, while Weber is struggling with the hook, leaving up a massive split 4-7-9 and MAKES it. That's why he's a friggin pro. He's still down 14 pins, but that no doubt gives him some confidence(like he needed any more).

Ryan Shafer(0 titles) v Walter Ray Williams Jr.(2 titles)

3:04 - Walter Ray no doubts breathes a sigh of relief as he sees the challenger Shafer just BLOW a chance to get back in the game. He throws up an UGLY shot that ends up with a 2-10 break that he barely misses converting. Walter Ray comes back and spits in Shafer's cornflakes by shoaving a strike down his throat. The 7th frame was the key point in the match. Goodbye Ryan Shafer. It's going to be Willliams v Webber in a classic showdown.

3:00 - Just a thought, but ESPN needs to bring back the show where NBA players bowl. It was hilarious seeing Damon Jones dominate in something, anything, because he sure does suck on the actual court. I'd love to see Sammy Dalembert look as goofy on the lanes as he does on the court.

2:59 - Williams leaves the 8 pin up, and it just TOYS with him, spinning around and around until it just stops. So harsh. Even harsher is having to face Pete Weber after advancing.

2:55 - I may have written Shafer off early, as he comes back with 2 good strikes. On a side note, I see at least 10 ads in the bowling area for Jackson Hewitt. They must think that bowlers need their tax help.

2:53 - Shafer might have bitten off more than he could chew, missing a 10 pin coversion...and Walter Ray shoves it in his face by getting a solid strike. This match is over, with 7 frames to go yet.

2:50 - Ryan Shafer starts off by getting a strike, with a herky-jerky style. Jesus christ, he's bowling with tourette's...but it works. Walter Ray Williams starts off more shaky, with an iffy 10 pin, but converts. The guy has to be the favorite to win it all, he's simply so damn fluid and so damn good. He's the Randy Johnson of bowling, using his length to his advantage.

2:41pm - They are showing us how rich pro bowlers are by touring their homes. Gotta love it, every DVD, every video game, huge bedrooms, etc. Bowlers get all the perks, now show us your bitches...oh. One of the other perks of being rich is changing your baby's diapers on national television. Nevermind.


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