Saturday, March 25, 2006

Huskies All Around

GAME: UConn won it at the line, with apparently 47 free throws at the line. 98-92 is the final...and I wonder who was more important to the victory, Marcus Williams' perfect 11-11 from the line or Rashad Anderson's late game 3 point heroics. It's hard to say whether steady performance is better than 'game-changing' plays, but those plays are never able to happen if the score is out of hand. I give the player of the game to Marcus Williams.

24 seconds(OT): After a nice bucket for UConn, Brandon Roy's driving shot doesn't fall and Jamaal Williams gets a board, misses a shot, fights for another board and gets called for the foul. UConn to the line, up 3 92-89.

47 seconds(OT): 90-89 UConn, after Jamaal Williams put in a nice bucket with a good backdown low post move. He's looking really good tonight. Oh, and the Washington band is HORRIBLE. Huskie ball...(UConn)

1:40(OT): Brandon Roy with a good layup and it gets 'blocked' but it was actually a goaltend. Everyone saw it. Everyone but the refs. Argh

2:41(OT): Rashad Anderson is keeping UConn in this game, with several late buckets in the 4th and another one in OT. Tie game 86-86, with some lazy defense by Rudy Gay. This guy just seems out of it most of the time. UConn really should win this game with 3 Washington Huskies fouled out, but Washington is really staying in this game, with both Jamaal Williams and Brandon Roy putting up 20+ points.

1.8 seconds: Rashad Anderson hits another THREE POINTER!!!! He ties the game, throwing a dagger into the heart of Washington! And then Washington gets a great look but misses an open three as the clock expires. OT baby!!!!! Yes I'm Dick Vitale!!!!

7.9 seconds: Brandon Roy to the line, who had clunked 2 earlier, but drains both. UConn to inbounds the ball.

11 seconds left: Marcus Williams drives the ball through the lane and gets fouled while making the layup...1 point game after he hits the free throw. 80-79 Washington, and they get fouled with 8 seconds.

21 seconds left:: And as I write this Rashad Anderson hits ANOTHER beautiful 3-pointer to pull UConn to within 2...but then they foul right away and Washington makes both free throws.
This game is nuts...haven't they all been?!?!?!

1:16 left: He doesn't want the Huskies to win, throwing up 25 points(and a key 3 point shot with a minute and a half left) thus far in Washington's battle with Connecticut. It's looking grim for UConn, and my bracket, as Washington is leading 78-73 with a little 1:16 left in the game.


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