Saturday, March 25, 2006

Al Skinner Has Weird Hair

Did anyone else notice that Al Skinner, coach of the fallen Boston College Eagles has patches of hair missing on the back of his head??? It was very noticable, maybe the dude needs some spray-on to fix that up.

Oh yeah, and Villanova won in overtime 60-59, willed by some random All-American named Randy Foye (and a great last play where Will Sheridan snuck through two defenders for an easy layup that was goaltended for the victory). Foye's night looks average enough, shooting only 40%, but the stage was set for a shooting night like that, with great defense being played by both teams and the refs allowing hacking and rough play on both sides. Jay Wright showed his coaching prowess, making over 80 substitutions in the 45 minute game and perfecting the offense-defense switches. Ray in on offense, Cunningham in on defense. Frazier out, Sheridan in. It went on. No one ever accused Wright of playing a large bench, but it worked. The Wildcats got into the Elite 8, and this Saint Joseph's Hawk fan congratulates them and will continue to cheer them on.

Kudos to Craig Smith for a great game for BC.

However, the Hawk is gearing up to kick your ass next year.


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