Friday, March 24, 2006

So Much to Watch

For a big 76ers fan and a big Big 5 fan, tonight's contests are going to be both exciting and frustrating. Villanova takes on Boston College at 7pm in a game which is being defined as 'power vs. speed', 'guards vs. forwards', etc. The Sixers will be contending with the Orlando Magic tonight at the same time down at the Wachovia Center. Orlando has lost 16 road games in a row, so the Sixers must win tonight or else face utter shame and ridicule. Nova must win to prove that their 4 guard system works and so they can advance to the Elite 8. It's going to be a great night for a basketball fan, and a great night for a Philadelphia fan.

The offense is back for the Sixers, but they must show they can actually beat a decent team before they can show they have what it takes to win a round in the playoffs. Beating teams at home like the Atlanta Hawks or the Orlando Magic shows little, as they are rebuilding teams with youngsters playing more minutes than they ever have. Veterans like Iverson and Webber must take advantage of matchups like this so that they can sneak into the 6th seed to face New Jersey in the playoffs. Otherwise, they might as well just miss the playoffs if they're going to face the Pistons. We can just throw in the tapes from last year's playoff matchup with the Pistons(where they toyed with the Sixers) and be done with it. Mo Cheeks better show me something and actually coach.

On a side note, the Phillies are going to play an intra-Pennsylvania spring training game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Lefties Eude Brito and Oliver Perez match up. I am starting to get pumped for the Phils, as opening day tickets recently fell into my lap.

It's going to be a night of nights, in my view, and make sure that you have your remote control and your radio ready to be able to pay attention to all the games going down tonight.


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