Friday, March 24, 2006

Gonzaga/UCLA final minute

Texas had a crazy buzzer-beater too, giving up the tying 3 pointer to West Virginia, then running down the court with 5 seconds left and nailing the winning 3 pointer to win 74-71. Simply amazing night of basketball: Duke loses, Texas/West Virginia with a tremendous back and forth game, and UCLA with a thrilling comeback with 3 minutes to go. This is what makes people love college basketball, and is slowly converting people like me. I still love the NBA so much more, because the level of talent is so much higher and the players stay around longer, but the increasing parity in college bball IS making things more exciting, a la the NFL.

1.9 seconds: Gonzaga launches an inbounds pass to the 3 point line, Batistsa catches it on the left side, turns around and throws it up...widely misses it off the right side of the backboard. GAME OVER!!! UCLA advances to the Elite 8, and Adam Morrison is devastated laying down in the middle of the court. Simply an AMAZING comeback in the 4th quarter, scoring the last 11 points. And actually great coverage/game calling from CBS. It helps to not have Billy Packer calling it. Kudos to UCLA. Kudos to Adam Morrison for a great college career, now go make millions.

1.9 seconds: UCLA steals an errant pass of Gonzaga's, Afflafo gets fouled and go to the line...miss the first, hit the second.

12.5 seconds: UCLA steals the ball in the backcourt!!!! They pass it into the paint and put it back to take the lead with 8 seconds left!!!!

19.7 seconds left: 71-68 Gonzaga JP Batista fouls Ryan Hollins under the offensive basket, who makes both ends of a 1 and 1. Now 71-70


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