Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm Stealing This Bit

Colin Cowherd apparently stole an entire bit from a Michigan football blog. And now this horrible blog wants credit, but got this as a reply from Colin(in all CAPS, mind you): "WE WERE SENT IT....WE HAD NO IDEA..BUT THE INCESSANT WHINING...MEANS I WON'T GIVE YOU CREDIT NOW..GET OVER IT." No one ever said that ESPN stood for decent sports analysis, but at the very least one thought that the on-air talent didn't have to steal their bits from blogs. I read this at multiple sources, but ultimately used YaySports! as a link(was that really hard Colin???).

Coach K eats children.

The Phillies have the horses to contend in the NL East, according to this article. Hopefully they have the players, too.

Ryan Howard broke Dick Allen's 42 year old record for spring training home runs when he launched a BOMB of a 10th home run. Kudos Ryan, but start saving those up for when it counts.

Finally, people in Reading want the downtown to turnaround in one day, and are disappointed after the first Thursday that stores and restaurants are open late. They have about as much patience as a kid with ADD in a car for 5 hours.


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