Tuesday, March 28, 2006

We Have An Abundance of OFs, Unless We Don't

Well, the newest Phillies rumor is that they are offering Geoff Geary to Texas Rangers OF David Dellucci. Dellucci is a good on-base man and has some good power, but the Phils already have a lot of outfielders. This search for a supposed 5th outfielder seems futile when they already had a guy which they could've cheaply kept in Jason Michaels. The guy got on-base at 38% clip over the past 3 years and made sure that every at-bat was hard fought. And so we traded him to Cleveland for a soon to be over the hill reliever Arthur Rhodes. Now, I understand that Philly cops were understandably upset about Michaels' hitting a cop, but the hypocrisy of the Phils' morality is pretty apparent when the Phils signed a steroid abuser like Ryan Franklin. Apparently it's OK to flaunt only certain laws, and you don't have to even be a good player you just had to have been on an old Gillick team(the Seattle Mariners).

We are mulling trading a reliever who started to really get it together last year, and is having one of the better springs on the team for a guy who we essentially already had in Michaels. It seems like we created a hole only to try and fill it later so that we could say that we indeed filled that hole.


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