Friday, April 21, 2006

Julio Franco Is Unnatural

The dude is listed as 47 years old and could actually be 2-3 years older than that. He's now playing for his 8th team, the New York Mets. This doesn't include the years he spent in Mexico at the turn of the century. He had several decent years from 2001-2005 with the Atlanta Braves, getting up to bat anywhere from 200 to 300 atbats a year and hovering around an 800 OPS. And last night he hit a key pinch hit 2-run homer in the 8th inning to turn the tide for the Mets. The Padres were winning 2-1 when Franco slammed Scott Linebrink's pitch into the right-field stands.

Franco simply defies nature. Look at how Barry Bonds is breaking down due to various injries and the onset of age. Julio spits in nature's face, then kicks it in the balls. He now sports a 1.089 OPS, though that is in only 7 atbats. The OPS will drop, but for now one must simply admire his ability to stay in the majors and actually contibute to whichever team he's on. The Phils could use a good bat off the bench like Julio (and if people remember, he originally WAS a Phillie). He may be a Met now, but viva la Franco!!


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