Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cordero Picked His Teeth

"He was one of the best clutch hitters I ever saw. Maybe I can get him over here to help us. With the money they pay, I bet I can get him to come out of retirement. I bet he'd hit about .285 to .290," -- Phils manager Charlie Manuel, on 70-year-old Nationals skipper Frank Robinson

Too bad he's nothing special as a manager. The Phils' 7-6 victory last night was certainly facilitated by Robinson not bringing in his best reliever, closer Chad Cordero, to face the meat of their order in either the 8th or 10th inning, but ESPECIALLY when they had the lead in the 8th and Hernandez had obviously lost what he had earlier in the game last night. Instead, Joey Eischen came in and walked 2 guys after Abreu's homer off Hernandez, and then Majewski came in and was stuck. Chad Cordero never saw the rubber, and then in the 10th Robinson went with walk-happy Mike Stanton. Robinson's decision to ignore his best reliever in a close game makes Charlie Manuel's use of the bench(everyone on the bench used by the 8th inning) look like nothing.


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