Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hot Dogs Tonight

Delicious, delicious pig leftovers for only a dollar tonight in South Philly. And the Phillies play too. Gavin Floyd faces Livan Hernandez in what is sure to be an interesting game.

They lost big last night, but the game was much closer than the final score indicated. The bullpen coughed it up, and perhaps it is time to starting beating the Yoel Hernandez drum? He's done pretty well in the minors, giving up too many runners but having a good K:BB ratio overall (452 Ks to only 200 walks in 611 IP). The 24 yr old has started off well this year up in AAA Scranton, and deserves a shot when a guy like Geary has blown up in the past week (11.37 ERA 2.68 WHIP). Perhaps don't outright release Geary, but at the very least relegate him to blowouts for a certain amount of time.

Oh, and The Illadelph likes hot dogs too!


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