Thursday, April 20, 2006

Game 15: Cheap Hats For All!

Great comeback win last night, as has been said earlier, but WTF is tonight's lineup about? I understand Bell randomly hit lefties very well last year, but putting him ahead of Howard (3-9 against leties thus far) and Lieby (who is sporting 353 avg) is a bit much.

They should win tonight regardless, as the lefty Billy Traber is on the hill for the Nationals and hasn't pitched since 2003 due to injuries. He faces Ryan Madson, who sports an extraordinarily high 1.54 WHIP and low 2.77 ERA. One of those stats has to give, and one would hope the former would go down.

Here's the lineups:

Soriano LF
Vidro 2B
Johnson 1B
Guillen RF
Zimmerman 3B
Church CF
Clayton SS
Schneider C
Traber SP

Rollins SS
Rowand CF
Abreu RF
Burrell LF
Utley 2B
Bell 3B
Howard 1B
Lieberthal C
Madson SP


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