Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Game 13: Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies

The Nationals stink. They're just bad, and bound to get worse. Outside of Nick Johnson, they have had little to no offense in the past week, while their pitching has been OK (though partly due to their huge stadium). The Phillies should win 2 of 3, if not sweep, and should do this convincingly. Their lengthy homestand has some very winnable games (3 against Nationals, 3 against the Marlins, 4 against the Rockies) , and will hopefully put the Phils in 2nd place.

Tony Armas Jr. (0-2 3.27) faces Cory Lidle (1-1 4.91)

Soriano LF
Vidro 2B
Johnson 1B 'lil Bowa'
Ward RF
Zimmerman 3B
Church CF
Clayton SS
Schneider C
Armas Jr. SP

Rollins SS
Rowand CF
Abreu RF
Burrell LF
Utley 2B
Howard 1B
Bell 3B
Lieberthal C
Lidle SP

Oh yeah, and the Sixers and Flyers play or something.


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