Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Stereotypes are Fun

Joe Morgan loves stereotypes, as Fire Joe Morgan shows. The Japanese were cold and calculating, while the Cubans were emotional and firey! He missed the Japanese celebration, I gather???

Here's the odds on the next mid-day host to replace Mikey Miss. The best chance? Hugh 'freaking' Douglas. This guy actually asked Anthony Gargano earlier today 'what's up with that power play', because he didn't know the 'deal' with it. You can't have a guy that knows so little about every sport but football...oh wait, it's 610 WIP. Yeah, I guess that's par for the course. I would like Steve Martarano back, or go with a sleeper like Daily News writer John Smallwood.

Tuffy 'screwed over' Rhodes finally retired. After several great season in Japan, and one where he was tied with the Japanese record for home runs until pitchers wouldn't give him any strikes, he's called it quits. The man's name is Tuffy. TUFFY.

Sheldon Williams' favorite movie is 28 Days Later.


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