Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Leftovers from Last Night

Sixers Shots has a great breakdown of the games where Salmons cost us down the stretch, and a couple I forget about.

Mike Missanelli has been fired from 610WIP, and 700 Level is upset about. This blog is less upset, but the station had to know that the guy would be confrontational, that's why they hired him. "Great job getting us ratings by being confrontational! You're fired!" Anyone fired from that station not named Cataldi or Eskin or Jolowicz has a legit beef if those chumps get to stay.

The Beer Leaguer tries to pawn Rheal Cormier and Tomas Perez off on other teams.

Condi Rice says no to being the NFL commish. In other news, Karl Rove turns down a chance to be part of a live-action Pinnochio, with him pulling the strings. He said he's already doing this.

Finally, super fun happy hour time for the nation of Japan, as they win the first ever World Baseball Classic. Winning a 1 game exhibition proves everything!


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