Friday, March 10, 2006

Jim Davis Called You a Bitch

For once, an actual GOOD response to Lazy Sunday....Lazy Muncie. Made by a couple of guys from Indiana apparently, it even has an appearance from the guy who made Garfield.

Sportszilla has a realistic opinion on the Bonds taking steroids story. He did not destroy a pure, innocent game, and he's not the only one who's taken them, nor is he the only jerk around(though he's getting a lot of negative reaction because he is a jerk).

Sexy Results! has a tremendous, meandering style and talks about JJ Redick and the draft and wife beater day at Duke, with sexy results.

According to the Beer Leaguer, Julio Santana may not be the final piece to the playoff puzzle for the Phillies.

Finally, here's the greatest new blog ever, a blog specifically for the Temple Owls and the A10 tourney. Gotta love that, but hopefully it comes to an end tonight when Saint Joseph's throws them out of Cincy.


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