Sunday, March 05, 2006

You're a jopke, Hellmuth

Paul Phillips, internet millionaire turned professional poker player, throws some good jabs at Phil Hellmuth, as usual. It's hilarious reading the escapades of the self-proclaimed best in the game(Hellmuth), as he berates other players for having the balls to play against him, and then beat him, usually. He seems to forget that those percentages mean that anyone CAN win, and that people can even beat the almighty Phil. Poker is not theatre, playing out the same way day after day, outcomes change. Check here for a pretty funny site that spoofs the 'legendary' Phil, with a reincarnation of the man through Bill Fillmaff, as he teaches us inside secrets of the game. His most recent video is on the art ofplaying 'female women' in poker, as opposed to male women. Hopefully we remember the Tournament of Champions where Annie Duke SCHOOLED him and got into his head...although she's a little annoying too.


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