Thursday, March 09, 2006

Too Much Flour Cost Him

Well, Kutztown University, the bastion of Greek life in Berks County, has had a very heated past month, and it's ended with the College Republican president losing his post. Here's some background for those uninformed:

The Feb. 8 bake sale was meant to highlight what the KU College Republicans considered to be inequities of affirmative action. During the sale, they charged people varying prices for goods based on the buyer's race.

Some KU students were offended, and accusations were made that some members of the College Republicans made racist statements during the sale.

More than 70 students protested on campus Feb. 24, and about 200 attended a forum set up by Dr. F. Javier Cevallos, university president, last week.

The reason is obvious why the Republican's president was voted out. He just left the cookies in the oven too long. Perhaps if he had followed directions, and made sure that they were a toasty brown, this could have all been avoided. Then again, 200 people in a school of 8,000 surrounded by a borough of 6,000 is not that much. That's less than 2% of the nearby population that attended the forum, and less than 1% that protested. Maybe he actually did follow recipe.

To be serious, college is where this stuff can be best done. Kids on both sides are extreme, and controversy is bound to occur. I see no problem with the bake sale, even if I disagree with its premise, and I see no problem with the protests or the Republicans voting out their president. Let's just chalk this up to a lesson in democracy: action, reaction, protest, forum to speak back, and then a vote.

On a final note, the new president is a minority, as was the previous president. Perhaps the College Republicans do understand more than their opponents thought. Their extreme color blindness may seem weird, color blindness is the ideal. Obviously it's not in place right now, but perhaps we are closer than we thought. As Jerry Seinfeld said, look to the cookie!!!


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