Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hatred is fun!

YaySports! has a poll up about the most hated NBA player. Check it out, our boys Chris Webber(my nomination) and Kyle Korver, are both on the list. I voted for Alonzo Mourning, but Vince Carter is right behind him in my view, as both gave up on their teams and essentially forced their hands to deal/cut them. In Vince's case, he simply stopped dunking and settled for a lot of shots and stopped passing. In Zo's case, he publicly pleaded to be cut to go to a winner. What tools.

Today, in 1995, Richie Ashburn was selected by the Veteran's Committe to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Long live Whitey!

Here's a great interview with David Chase, creator of the Sopranos. He gives insight into the writing process and also lays down some knowledge for us about the future of the show.


Blogger Chris said...

Vote for Zo!!!

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