Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Great Win, You Still Suck

The owner of the Utah Jazz blasts his team after they win. Good timing.

Cherry Hill, NJ decided that if it's already somewhat broke, don't fix it in regards to creating a town center. Instead of creating a Cherry Hill town center they decided that the usual big box development/crappily-designed office/residential building was a better, cheaper option. They even got an economist to basically say that creating and urban-like area is unfeasable. Gotta love the suburbs.

Rick Mariano, Philly city councilman, is a corrput bastard(come on, shouldn't they have two ideas of corrupt, one for regular politicans and one for Italian politicians?? They're just helping out their very extended families). The feds basically have Rick by the balls so it will be fun watching him squirm for the next couple months. Follow the proceedings around his eventual bringing down at Philadelphia Will Do.

Finally, the newly reconstituted A Citizen's Blog seems to think that Bobby Abreu will eventually be dealt. I don't, and would hate the day this would ever happen. However, it's an interesting piece, so check it out.


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