Monday, March 06, 2006

Back She Goes!!!!

Marc Narducci, the guy who defended Wheels(as he is known), still doesn't get it. He's still defending Wheels, for some reason. This despite no fans liking Chris Wheeler, this despite the ever-growing Chris Wheeler Glossary, and the this despite his obvious cherry-picking of which emails he talked about in his article. I've read emails written by many level-headed fans who dissected why Wheels sucks so much, but Narducci doesn't talk about those ones for some reason. He insists giving Wheeler a promotion because he gets a reaction....well that reaction isn't a good one!!! Yes, people aren't going to stop watching because of Wheels, but that is because they are baseball fans watching baseball. Why annoy the fans while they attempt to basically give the Phillies business? Why would Narducci even say this?? To become the Inky's Wheels lover, I guess. Oh well, we all know Wheels sucks. But here's the final dig at the fans:

No matter what people say, the fact that Wheeler never played professional baseball grates on many of the fans who feel he shouldn't be telling them what is going on. That is total nonsense.

Well, no. The only other announcer that was a professional baseball player is Larry Andersen. None of the others were, and through ESPN we've seen the terrible outcome of giving any former player a gig. Ryne Sandberg and Joe Morgan are two of the worst announcers to ever grace the booth, and were both former players. They are also universally disliked as announcers, from every person I've talked to on the matter. People don't care if you were a baseball player or you were selling hot dogs for a living, they want to be entertained, and not talked down to while watching a game. Wheels does neither.


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