Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Family Disfunction

Sons and Daughters premiered on ABC last night with two back-to-back episodes. The first set up the series, revolving around a guy named Cameron who is married with 2 kids. He has a huge family, and none of them can keep their traps shut about anything, especially Cameron's mother and step-dad possibly splitting up. The show is planned out but ultimately script-free, which means that the actors play off one another. The best at this seems to be the actress who plays Cameron's sister Sharon, whose deadpan expressions are tremendous. Oh, and her and her husband Don haven't had sex in years...they literally sleep in separate beds.

The show definitely has potential, and in the second episode they go bowling! Gotta love that. It's no Arrested Development, at least yet, but that's a heavy weight to put on the shoulders of the actors for this show. This show seems like it could end up being a bit sweeter with the relationships of Cameron and his step-dad, Don and Sharon, and the younger cousins Henry(Cameron's son), and Jeff(Sharon's son). By far the best joke of the night was when Cameron's step-daughter gave her aunt a Hitler mustache because the lady said that Jews don't go to heaven(the little girl is Jewish).

I didn't even touch on a few characters, because it's such a large cast and they haven't played a large role yet. Stay tuned...but too bad it's on at the same time as Scrubs.


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