Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Geno Speaks English, You Should Too

Geno's at Citizens Bank Park is no more, as they pulled out and Rick's Steaks(from the Reading Terminal) is going to replace them. 700 Level and The Illadelph have the coverage.

John Marzano is now getting a shot at the mid-day position that previously held Mike Missanelli(fired for hitting a coworker). Kill me now, as I'm not exactly a big fan of Johnny Marz. Having to pick between Hugh Douglas and John Marzano is like picking the way you're going to die...either way you're going to die. He's now complaining about Pat Burrell striking out.

Philling Station argues for Madson and maybe Gavin Floyd in the rotation over known shitty pitcher Ryan Franklin.

What's on Peter Gammons' iPod??


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