Friday, February 24, 2006

Padding his doubles stats

John Marzano is padding his stats. First, he got on Phillies Post Game Live, 'analyzing' the Phils games. Then he started making appearances on Daily News Live, repeating the same old-school small-ball things he said on Post Game Live. Then, sometime around July of last year, he started making guest spots on 610 WIP, completely changing his views on guys like Bobby Abreu, who he formerly loved as a player(even calling him a 'star'). Finally, he's now gotten his own half-hour program, ALL to his own, called Around the Bases with John Marzano. Ironic title, because announcers rarely had the chance to say that Johnny boy was going 'around the bases'. Check out his stellar stats.

Once the 2006 season officially begins, Marzano will have about 20 times a week to spout his horrible, incorrect views on the game of baseball, the Phillies, and Bobby Abreu. Why have I brought up Abreu's name twice? Well, Marzano used to love the way the guy hit, until Bobby decided to get hurt. Then, Marzano felt like a spurned lover, and started to say that Bobby was 'padding his doubles stats', and other gems that most people can't get anywhere else. He refuses to actually look at any important stats, and just assumes that since he 'watches the games' his eyes can't can't decieve him. Well, guess what Johnny? People remember what they want to remember, one way or another. People are biased. They are their own filters. You certainly are one, and you need to realize that and look at a couple stats once in a while to make sure that what you 'feel' you've seen is actually true.

Padding his doubles stats. Expect more of this genius throughout the season.


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