Monday, March 20, 2006

Just a Good Ol' Boy

Terrell Owens raps. Some said he was gonna sign just a ten year deal, but he got what he wanted, ha ha. Ha ha is right, Terrell. Ha ha is right. The Cowboys will love you for one year.

Here's Sexy Results!' daily primer on country artist Hank Williams Jr.'s hits and their lyrics. Enjoy "If the South Would've Won", a wonderful throwback to a day when overt racism was all just good and fun.

Jay Cutler, the Vanderbilt QB who could possibly be picked before both Vince Young and Matt Leinart, is a big guy. A REALLY big guy. Let's just say he makes Mark McGwire look like a little girly man.

Today's Philadelphia Phillies history nugget: The infamous Ken Lehman and Tony Curry to Cleveland for Mel Roach deal. The team never recovered...

And finally, YaySports! reports that Lakers coach Phil Jackson uses words like 'penchant'. No wonder he's (usually) a winner.


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