Thursday, May 04, 2006

Michael Berg Running for Congress

Apparently Michael Berg is running for Congress as a Green Party candidate. And a friend wrote about it. Read it! Its an interesting one.

Paul Phillips breaks down the life of an reviewer. She's bipolar, has cats, knits, buys moisturizer and eats lots of food. Make your own conclusions.

The legendary 'Shore' of The Good Phight crunches the numbers and concludes that the Phillies see a slight dip in 'clutch situations', as no doubt every team in the league would. He also concludes that Bobby Abreu doesn't really alter his approach in the 'clutch', and thus is a pretty even-handed guy and performs well enough. Food for thought, haters. David Bell does very well in the 'clutch', but then one wonders why he sucks the rest of the time? Do those innings and situations not count?


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