Friday, April 28, 2006

Game 22: Phillies Ballclub at Pittsburgh Pirates

The Battle of Pennsylvania!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Brett Myers does NOT have an 7+ ERA (3.04). The only other starting pitcher below a 7 ERA is Cory Lidle (4.74). However, his WHIP is 1.48, and while this has been said before on this blog, soon enough one of those has to give. Here's hoping it's the WHIP that goes down.

-- Jimmy Rollins' OPS is down below 700, bottoming out at 681. His OBP is a putrid 309.

-- The lineup is in stark contrast with itself, with Abreu, Utley, Howard and Burrell taking pitches, getting walks, and hitting for power, and the other spectrum being Rollins, Rowand, Lieberthal, Bell and Fasano not working counts, not hitting for power and largelly not getting on base. There seems to be a large chasm between the good part of the offense and the struggling part.

- The Pirates are very bad, with no offense, little pitching and a bad manager. However, they don't seem to have much coming for the rest of the year, unless many of the young guys suddenly develop at once. At least they're starting Craig Wilson now. You have to love their quinessential lineup of CF, SS, LF, RF, 1B, 3B, 2B, C, P. Who needs a manager when we can just plug that in?

Pitchers: Brett Myers(2-0 3.04 ERA 1.48 WHIP) v Ian Snell (0-2 7.71 ERA 1.90 WHIP)

SS Rollins
2B Utley
RF Abreu
LF Burrell
1B Howard
CF Rowand
3B Bell
C Lieberthal
SP Myers

CF Duffy
SS Wilson
LF Bay
RF Burnitz
1B Wilson
3B Randa
2B Castillo
C Paulino
SP Snell


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