Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Cole Hamels Is Perfect

Since being promoted to AAA Scranton, he has had two starts, the first last Thursday and the latest occurring today. His AAA debut ended with him fanning 14 batters in 7 innings, allowing only 3 hits. It was a dominant start where he threw 99 pitches (66 strikes and 33 balls). Today he eclipsed this effort, netting a complete game 2-hit shutout. He walked one batter and struck out 12, including striking out the side to end the game. He ended up throwing 112 pitches (74 for strikes!). He has yet to give up a run.

Hamels has simply been unhittable thus far. His strikeout per 9 ratio is 20.25 Ks per 9 innings. He has 36 Ks and 1 walk for a simply INSANE K:BB ratio of 36 to 1. His opponent's batting average is .094. He has a 0.00 ERA and a 0.38 WHIP. This small-sample size is still VERY encouraging, and gives the phans a reason to hope.

Perhaps it is time to bring him up. Maybe not perhaps, maybe it IS time. The Phillies obviously had a reason for letting him go the distance today, which was probably to both build his confidence (could it get any higher, though?) and also push Madson and Floyd. Madson had a bad outing the past time out, but I tend to think that he's simply not been locating his fastball well, nor has he been mixing his pitches like he did in the previous years. Sure, one could say 'that's why he should be in the bullpen!', but giving up on someone one month into the season, and only letting them have five chances to prove themselvs, is simply not fair to someone with no other ways to go. A guy like Gavin Floyd can be sent back down to AAA, who is also struggling, and can regain his compsure down there, whereas a guy like Madson, who can't be sent down, would have to simply be traded or sent to the pen. I don't see that as a viable option, comment if you disagree.

I would bring Hamels up after one or two more starts, and have him replace Gavin Floyd if Floyd continues to struggle (and don't tell me his Pittsburgh start was good, he was lucky he faced a bad offense and induced a few ground balls at key moments).

And finally, from the same people who brought you the Chris Wheeler Glossary, here is Cole Hamels Facts.com!!!!


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