Monday, May 01, 2006

Game 25: Phillies Ballclub at Florida Marlins

-- Alex Gonzalez has GOT TO GO. This guy can't hit, period. Why is he starting two games in a row?!?! And why is Ryan Howard sitting in favor of Gonzalez (.056 average)? Howard hits lefties better than Gonzalez, because GONZALEZ CAN'T HIT!

-- And what's with this Rowand hitting 3rd thing? Manuel is definitely just throwing darts at the wall when he's making these lineups.

Ryan Madson(2-1 8.05 ERA) v. Dontrelle Willis(1-1 3.13)


SS Rollins
RF Victorino
CF Rowand
LF Burrell
2B Utley
3B Bell
1B Gonzalez
C Lieberthal
SP Madson

SS Ramirez
2B Uggla
3B Cabrera
LF Willingham
1B Jacobs
C Olivo
RF Aguila
CF Abercrombie
SP Willis


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