Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Drinking Liberally Doesn't Need Joke Titles

It is its own little joke title, so it doesn't need one. Anyway, let me pass this on, as it's been a good time in the past and is only going to get better this Thursday. Reading's Drinking Liberally group is meeting at The Works tomorrow at 6pm, and the usual crowd is being littered with candidates! Here's a list of the current confirmed candidates:

Chuck Pennacchio, Alan Sandals, Bob Casey staff (U.S. Senate)
Lois Murphy, Mike Leibowitz (U.S. 6th District)
Lois Herr staff, John Murphy (U.S. 16th District)
Gene Stilp, Valerie McDonald Roberts (Lt. Governor)
John Liss (PA Senate 48th District)
Bill Mackey (PA House 124th)
Tim Seip (PA House 125th)
Irv Livingood, John DelCollo, Dante Santoni (PA House 126th)
Russ Hummel (PA House 128th)
Bill Evans (PA House 129th)
Dave Kessler (PA House 130th)
Archie Follweiler (PA House 187th)
Tom Herman, Don Raifsnider, Jr., Allyn Swavely (County Democratic Chair)

One doesn't even have to drink! I've yet to drink any beer there, and several of the patrons have been sippers at best. It's basically a good way to have a good time with similar-minded people. So come on out. Contact Dan 'the drinking way too liberally' man for more info here:


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