Tuesday, April 11, 2006

All the Cool Kids are Linking

So, Huge Tiny Mistake has had a great start to the week, being linked for it's Bobby A. blub by the ever-popular Philling Station and the blog about blogs Blinq. We've also seen time for our Bob Casey piece, getting the nod from Santorum Blog, of all places. And finally, our piece about PA Demographics got a decent review from A Smoke-Filled Room. Perhaps we should change our headline to 'No big insights here, but some food for thought.'

Back to spreading the love to others, as we link to Balls, Sticks & Stuff and their call for the firing of one Charlie 'from Mayberry' Manuel. Even we may think it could be too early, and it probably won't happen, since they didn't let him go over the off-season. At least give the guy a full month.

Sixers Shots says that Mo Cheeks is a sucky coach.

Vincent Pastore, better known as Big Pussy from The Sopranos, is going on Celebrity Fit Club. They should probably have a Sopranos-only season with all the tub o'lards on that show.

Beer Leaguer tells Ryan Howard to stand closer to the plate...which could be iffy. With such large arms couldn't he crowd himself at the plate??? Who knows.

Berks County needs more pork.


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