Monday, April 10, 2006

Bob Casey Jr. for Senate

Huge Tiny Mistake throws it venerable weight (almost 50 people a day check the site out, we're bigger than Jesus!!!) behind Bob Casey Jr. for the Democratic Primary coming up on May 16th. After considering Chuck Pennachio, a man who loves history like us, and checking out Alan Sandals, the conclusion has been reached that Bob Casey Jr. is the best chance for Democrats to win the state of Pennsylvania and to would be the best option for Senator, regardless of party.

Sure, he may oppose something I like (NAFTA and CAFTA), but his opinion on abortion is more realistic than the other candidates, in that we should be looking to reduce the need for it, and improve the lives of single mothers with childcare, healthcare, etc. Sandals does not even support parental notification, while Pennachio supports only that restriction on abortion. Sandals says on his website that abortion should be 'safe, legal, and rare' and yet takes no actual position to make certain is becomes rarer and rarer. To deny that abortion is a messy thing in our society is naive, and to suggest that families shouldn't make this decision together is also naive. Children under 18, and they are children, simply can't handle abortion alone, and need a support system of their families first, then Planned Parenthood, then family planning, should they choose to keep the child.

Casey also takes a realistic approach to gun control, education, and healthcare reform. While I see nothing bad about universal healthcare, the practical approach to this says that legislation like that would never pass in such a divided Congress, and a more realistic approach is needed.

Sure, Pennachio seems like a decent option, and in another race he may be a viable option. But right now Pennsylvania needs a Senator that will be representative of them, and that is Bob Casey Jr. Alan Sandals seems like a long-shot either way, does not want to put a cap on punitive damage awards in tort cases, and says that the federal government should 'invoke a moratorium on outsourcing'...which cannot be done. That is far too much meddling with the private sector, and outsourcing of jobs is natural and DOES show growth of the economy and the advancement of our nation. Those who worry about outsourcing should look at Pennsylvania's archaic tax structure on corporations and small businesses, not on the trade agreements that help nations grow their economies. Tie human dignity in with trade agreements; don't do away with the agreements. This goes for Pennachio and Casey as well, as both seems rather isolationist on the economy.

Casey's thoughts on the matter of outsourcing have no doubt been influenced by the loss of manufacturing jobs in Scranton, but his realistic approaches to other issues of policy make sense for Pennsylvania and for the nation. One doesn't have to agree with everything a candidate believes, just a lot of it as well as their approach.


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