Monday, April 10, 2006

We're a Fancy Newish-type Blog

So says Daniel Rubin, of Blinq, as he links to our Bobby piece from yesterday. Go us! And go Daniel! He also notes we ignored the second game of the doubleheader, but sometimes you gotta end the day of posting on a good note.

Balls, Sticks and Stuff gets Albert Einstein to chime in on the situation at third base.

A Citizen's Blog breaks down the Braves, and concludes that the Phils are better. So obviously this means that the Braves will win 2 of 3 against them.

Steve Garvey, because timely pieces about ballplayers from the 70s and 80s never get old, gets blasted by the LA Times, via Deadspin. Personally, this is sort of fun, because it does break down the myth that players are 'worse than ever', but it DOES seem a little like piling on.

Finally, Sixers Shots blows apart the theory that the 'young players don't have heart'. Instead, they largelly blames Mo Cheeks (and a backhanded slap at Chris Webber). LOVE IT!


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