Monday, April 10, 2006

Sixers Prove Adequacy; Bush and Swann Entertained

That's goddamn right they were entertained! The Sixers beat the Wizards 105-97 down at the Wachovia Center tonight, showing their passing skills. Allen Iverson had 26 points on 9-22 shooting but had 15 assists! Count 'em, 15. Andre Iguodala also chipped in with 6 assists, and the rest of the team passed well around the horn. Both Kyle Korver and Stephen Hunter had 20 points tonight, with Hunter shooting a very efficient 8-12 with 8 boards in his career high. Sammy Dalembert had 14 rebounds and 4 blocks, and Willie Green contributed 6 points in 11 minutes.

The rotation tonight was very crisp, with Mo Cheeks giving the majority of the minutes to Iverson (45 minutes), Iguodala (38), Dalembert (37), Hunter (33) and Korver (31). Those 5 played very well together on offense AND defense, with Hunter and Dalembert altering a lot of shots and the team allowing Antawan Jamison and Gilbert Arenas to get their points and no one else. The Wizards played a Sixers-esque game in that regard, shooting under 40% and getting only 3 guys involved on the offensive end.

Iverson, Iguodala, Willie Green, Sammy Dalembert and Kyle Korver ended the game...4 of those 5 guys are young players. It's interesting to see a guy that was out for 80% of the year with an injury (Willie Green) play critical minutes in a game that needed closing out. It’s also interesting to note that Sammy got some key minutes, and some key boards in the game. Maybe Cheeks has finally figured out the value of confidence-building in regards to young NBA players. In the case of guys like Dalembert, Hunter and Korver already getting their money, they need something to strive for more than just that next contract. Let's be honest and realize that athletes that get their money need something extra, and that something is the team...and if they feel like they aren't valued by the team, why bother playing hard???

Shavlik Randolph and Matt Barnes even got some minutes, providing much needed rest for the starters.

The Sixers are coming together, and it is good to see. It will be an intriguing playoff if they finish this season strong. There, it's been said. Huge Tiny Mistake hopes that the Sixers make the playoffs, because playoffs are better than no playoffs. The 5th seed in the East, the Wizards, are one game above .500,and the 6th seed Milwaukee Bucks are one game ahead of the Sixers, so who says the Sixers can't get a little hot at the end and easily leapfrog to the 6th seed to face the Nets?

George Bush and Lynn Swann were entertained. Look at them clapping!!!


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