Friday, April 07, 2006

Phillies/Sixers/Flyers Tonight

7:00pm Boston Celtics at Philadelphia Allen Iversons on CSN. Allen Iverson plays basketball tonight against the Celtics. In their previous matchup John Salmons single-handedly coughed up the lead. Look for someone else on the team to cough up the lead this time, perhaps Chris Webber.

7:05pm Los Angeles Dodgers at Philadelphia Phillies on CN8. Gavin Floyd makes his debut against Brett Tomko, a very winnable game for the Phillies. Let's hope the bats come out tonight and Floyd pitches better than the first three starters did thus far.

8:00pm Philadelphia Flyers at Buffalo Sabres on UPN 57 Peter Forsberg is out, and Flyers are just playing the season out. However, this may be the Flyers matchup in the playoffs, so showing up tonight would be a good omen.

TIP: Use SEPTA, it's gonna be packed down at the Sports Complex.

Another tip: Use a remote control, if you stay home.

Final tip: To properly prepare for impending losses, make sure something unbreakable is nearby to throw.


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