Friday, May 05, 2006

Philadelphia not big enough for both Bonds and Huge Tiny Mistake

Barry Bonds, and some team he's on, come into Philadelphia tonight for a three game series, with him sitting at 712 home runs, 2 away from Babe Ruth for second all-time. Sure, some may turn around in some pointless protest, some may boo right before Bonds hits one of his home runs, but no one is doing what this writer is doing....leaving the freaking city AND state. Yes, Delaware beckons, and a vacation is surely in order. The Phillies will win 2 of 3, and be well on their way to nipping at the Mets' heels.

Gavin Floyd goes up against Matt Cain tonight in a young pitcher's duel. It's almost a sure thing to have some offensive fireworks tonight.

Be sure to check for some cool new photo tour, of which I slightly contributed to a college one.



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