Friday, April 07, 2006

God Can't Get Driver's License

God has been told that he cannot use the name God to get a driver's license. In a related note, the 800 Jesuses in Reading have all had their licenses revoked.

This had to be passed long. There is a new blog on the Reading Eagle website called Black Belt Mama. For its name alone it's worth a look.

Willie Green is back and healthy for the Sixers, and he's already stealing time away from John Salmons. Maybe God can't get a driver's license, but the dude is still working his magic.

The Philadelphia Daily News website makes sure that John Smallwood's column is unreadable by chopping up 3 sentences into about 10 lines of disjointed prose. Good job to whoever runs the site.

Eric Gagne's arm falls off.

The Mets and Nationals almost had a brawl after 4 hit batsmen and several brushbacks caused benches to be cleared. Frank Robinson complained about his pitcher being tossed for throwing a retaliatory HBP, a rule that he helped create.

And finally, the New York Times' website was recently changed to a 5 column setup because the previous website was simply too readable and easy and they couldn't have that, now could they?


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