Friday, March 17, 2006

Upset Special????

Stay Tuned!!!

9:17 - No, no upset special. Still a tremendous showing by Albany. UConn up 66-55 with 2:30 left.

9:11 - UConn now up by 4, score standing 58-54 with a little less than 5 minutes to play. Even if Albany loses, as they were expected to, this would be one of the games to remember from this year's tourney. Think about it, a former Division III school plays at the same level as perennial contender University of Connecticut. Simply amazing story, even better if they could pull it out.

9:06 - Uh oh. Experience and talent might be winning out, UConn is at the line still down 2, with a chance to tie the game. 6:22 left in the game. Come on friggin Albany, let's see an upset here.

9:02 - The refs are really letting the big guys bump and fight for position. The lead is within 2 points for UConn, down 52-50.

8:57pm - Well, UConn is roaring back, cutting it to within 5 by playing some good defense and running the floor. 50-45 with 10 minutes to go.

8:53pm - 12 minutes to go...48-38 Albany with UConn going to the line. Simply amazing how Albany keeps responding. Even though I would completely lose if this happened, I want to see the upset.

8:47pm - Turnovers are a killer. UConn just can't get into a rhythm on offense and Albany is making some TOUGH shots. 40-33 Albany with 15 minutes to go...we could witness history if the 16 seed actually wins. It's still unlikely, but every minute that ticks away with Albany still in the lead makes one wonder...

8:38pm - Maybe! 1 seed UConn is down 36-33 three minutes into the 2nd half against 16 seed Albany. It's unlikely, but if Albany were to hang on, it woudl completely throw most(mine included) people's brackets completely out of whack, and it would be ANOTHER Big East team disappointing in the tourney.


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