Tuesday, March 14, 2006

John Chaney Hangs 'em Up

John Chaney, the kid from South Philly who grew to be THE man at Temple University, will probably be remembered in different ways by different people. By some, he will be remembered for sending a 'goon' after John Bryant. By others, he will be remembered for threatening coach John Calipari. But by most, he will be remembered for instilling values in young men playing a game. Through countless lessons, 5am practices, and by giving young men a chance whom other schools didn't go after, he showed that everyone deserved a chance and that everyone could achieve. He was more than a basketball coach, and it will be a long time before someone else of his magnitude brings an entire university into the forefront. Perhaps Phil Martelli is somewhat a newer version of John, with both coming from Philly, both taking in players others didn't want, and using their talent to the complete limit it can go. However, there will only ever be one John Chaney.

Some articles about Chaney:

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