Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Well, no

On second thought, what Bobby Abreu just said is wrong, and he's lying. At least that's what Jim Salisbury would have us believe, writing in his most recent piece about how the Phils and Abreu are covering up the trade rumors that had Bobby going to every team but the Royals. Well guess what Jim? Trade rumors have historically been false, and have taken a life of their own. One of the more recent trades was a COMPLETE fabrication created by a message board prankster(Manny Ramirez for Bobby Abreu). It had no basis in reality, and yet several sportswriters actually picked up the story as a legit rumor. The club, Charlie Manuel, and Bobby all said nothing was ever discussed. Who is to say any of the previous rumors had any other validity?

So, the rumors might have been false to begin with, and there's no reason to think that Bobby will be dealt, other than people WANT something to happen. Why would Bobby be hurt by rumors if he says he's not? If one actually SAW Bobby being interviewed, he didn't seem hurt(of course, it's hard to read body language, but that goes BOTH ways). Jayson Stark didn't go quite as hard as Salisbury did in his stance that Bobby lied by saying: "Friends say he was initially hurt, but got over it." Whether this is even true or not is suspect, because who are 'friends'. So many rumors, time after time, are flat-out wrong.

Even if the rumors were true, why should anyone care if Bobby wants to say he didn't take it personally and he didn't think they were true? Would people rather he say he was hurt? Look at what has happened to Donovan McNabb since he came out saying he was hurt that some of his teammates sided with Terrell Owens. He's been crucified by many fans, and his ability to play has been questioned. Is there any reason to think that people would understand if Bobby said he was hurt by the rumors? So many Phillies fans almost have a sick enjoyment in bashing their own, especially Bobby. This would just be another piece of meat thrown to the wolves, another slam on an all-star player and one of hte best outfielders in the game. Bobby is constantly in a no-win situation, to the point that actual columnists say he is lying and that is somehow wrong. No doubt many of them would take a 180 if Bobby said their 'truth'.

disclaimer: Bobby Abreu is my favorite player. The man knows how to hit. Period.


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