Monday, February 13, 2006

Only the Strong Survive

For those of you intent on dealing Allen Iverson, or those of you who think the Sixers have no other choice, I suggest viewing this video. It epitomizes the work ethic of AI, whether people choose to believe he has one or not. The guy gives 100% on the court, is shooting better than he ever has, and has never been a great defender, but his physical limitations prevent him from being one. If we are to be blowing up the Sixers, let's at least remember WHY we loved Allen in the first place, why we cheered when he owned Michael Jordan, why we came out 20,000 strong at the Wachovia Center to see him dribble some leather, why we tuned into the 2001 NBA Finals to see them steal game 1 IN LOS ANGELES from one of the best two-man combos(Shaq and Kobe) ever, and almost take game 2. Let's remember, and if we want to give that up, so be it. However, this person wants to see Allen's story played out to the end, as a Sixer.


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