Friday, February 10, 2006

Dr. Funke's 100 Percent Natural Good Time Family Band Solution

It's time. Let's all mourn the premature loss of the namesake of this blog, and one of the greatest TV comedies ever written, Arrested Development. FOX just ended the 53 episode run of one of the most intelligent, witty, and self-mocking shows of all-time, and did so by playing a 4 episode bloc on a Friday night against the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. One last kick in the balls from the good folks who also previously cancelled Firefly, Futurama, and Family Guy. They eventually saw the light with Family Guy, because of DVD sales, and may bring Futurama back. However, cartoons are always easier to bring back, because age rarely comes into play.

Sure, ratings play a role in what stays and what goes, but let's be realistic and realize that advertising and consistent time slots play a huge role in the success of a show, and all of the above shows were constantly flipped around, with little promotion from the network. Other networks do the same thing, but FOX has been particularly mean to the fine folks who produce Arrested Development.

Showtime reportedly offered a deal for 26 episodes(spread over 2 seasons) to creator Mitch Hurwitz, while ABC reportedly offered 13 episodes. Let's hope he decides to continue the show, but if he doesn't, thanks for 53 great moments in television. Thanks for making huge mistakes over and over again(even the tiny ones), and thanks for ridiculous double entendres, seal attacks, literally jumping the shark, black puppets with attitudes, segways, Happy Days actors, narraration that was just utter crap, analrapists, cousins that just may be cousins, drunk mothers, Oscar not being George, hot cops, lessons, the Alliance of Magicians, banana stand wars, Home Builders Organization(HBO), and hook hands. Thanks a bunch!

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