Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Philly Bible

Philly has long been a great city to picture-taking. I've even tried it myself. However, one man's site has almost perfected the art. From Manayunk to Mantua(by Steve Ives) to the Forgotten Bottom, there is scarcely a spot in Philly that has gone unseen or unsearched. There's also tons of photo essays that are themed, but the best part of the site are probably the building essays, such as the PSFS Building. Brad, the owner of the site, isn't even originally from Philly(he is from Tyrone PA, which shines through in his most recent update about the Steelers), but he sees the city in a way that connects people to the neighborhoods they live in. Other photographers also grace the site with their impressions of Philly, all of them good, and all of them with a slightly different take on the same city.

For anyone that truly loves Philly or photography, this site should be a weekly, if not daily, viewing.


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