Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Dissing Harry the K????

There has been no love between Harry Kalas and Chris Wheeler for some time, with Kalas feeling that Wheeler wanted Whitey Ashburn, deceased former Phils announcer, out. I'm not sure of other possible reasons for their dislike, but the feud comes through in the end of games when they are together broadcasting, with Harry almost completely ignoring what 'Wheels' has to say. Now, according to Paul Hagen, we're going to have to slog through three more innings of this uncomfortable mess, and we're going to completely see the casting off of Larry Andersen to radio. While the Phils have not said this is going to happen, Scott Palmer(new PR head of the Phils) said on 610 WIP that nothing is set in stone, essentially a no-answer answer.

Why would the Phils risk the negative PR of this, and why would they try to ruffle the feathers of a legend like Harry Kalas? Why would they drop Andersen from the TV broadcast, and keep Wheels on TV? Well, they're stupid. Harry's contract is up after this season and doesn't know his plans. Wheels is a company man, through and through, as evidenced by his verbal backrubs of David Bell's weak hitting and his constant praise heaped upon former scrubs such as Kevin Jordan. The man hasn't known a Phillie he hasn't liked except for Vicente Padilla, who he constantly berated for whatever reason. Andersen, on the other hand, points out the mistakes of Phillies players, and sometimes wonders out loud why a pitcher threw a certain pitch. Kalas also has been a decidely less decisive homer, pointing out the flaws of everyone on the field, including Phils players.

It should be noted that Dave Montgomery is saying all the right things about keeping Kalas and is 'keenly aware' of the announcer's popularity. However, if he were so keenly aware, why would the Phils have SO MANY announcers(I count Kalas, Andersen, Wheeler, Scott Graham, and newly hired Scott Franzke), and give a very visible role to a universally disliked announcer such as Chris Wheeler? I'm actually asking a question, please tell me.

From Philliesphans.com: Save our Broadcasts!

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