Monday, February 27, 2006

Quick Updates

Here's one comparing ESPN to old Nickelodeon, noting that both had no competition in their respective markets.

Philadelphia Will Do writes about Ted Nugent exposing liberals and their anti-tree agenda.

Yeah, the Inquirer is pretty shitty right now.

Interesting entry from Marc Stier on why Ed Rendell has tried to govern from the center and why it's failing.

Philling Station
updates everyone on the status of a couple minor leaguers like Jason Jaramillo and Mike Costanzo(both skipping leagues!). They also mention some spring training notes, namely that Ryan Franklin 'looked sharp'. We already posted earlier doubting the potential of Ryan Franklin to help the Phillies in any real capacity, and it's still doubtful the man will last longer than 2 months. However, it's a decent sign.


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