Thursday, January 05, 2006

Everything changes but everything stays the same

Welcome to Franklin Town. The Phillies just acquired the likes of Ryan Franklin, a 32 yr old pitcher with no fastball, who gives up a ton of homers, and just plain sucks. He's also a steroid-user, testing positive last year. According to the Good Phight, there is nothing worthwhile about the guy at all. His strikeouts per 9 has been dropping, he's been giving up more baserunners, and has always given up home runs(in Safeco!). All this goodness for only 2.6 million (after the Phils traded Vicente Padilla, a better pitcher in every aspect, for almost nothing because they felt his 4 million dollar contract was going to be too much). This just reeks of something, I just don't know what yet.

This means that our rotation is likely to be Myers, Lieber, Lidle, Franklin, Madson. Myers is good, Lieber can be if he's more consistent, and Lidle is average at best. Madson could be good, but no one knows. However, the Franklin signing bumps Robinson Tejeda, who pitched well in his 13 starts last year, and started to settle in nicely, out of hte rotation and maybe even off the roster. This move is just insane!


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