Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Great idea! What's it about?

NBC is stpuid(ha). They cancel an OK show in Book of Daniel because of feigned outrage over it(and loss of sponsors as a result of said outrage) and is unsure about granting a 2nd season to a fun, campy sci-fi show like Surface? For a differing, and fairly narrow, view on Surface, see USA Today's review. Well, that's just fine, because all of their hit shows and their #1 network status makes it OK! They'll surely just another great show to fill the Monday 8pm slot. Oh right, they're the #4 network now and they haven't had a true hit besides My Name Is Earl since Friends ended. The massace of Scrubs is another story, as it's been jerked around and delayed over the past year so much that people forgot about the show. The obvious perfect fit with My Name Is Earl and The Office on Thursdays doesn't seem to be coming up on NBC's radar, even though the quirky humor of all three shows targets similar viewers. Instead, the utterly forgettable Four Kings has a primo timeslot and tremendous advertising. They had the foresight to move Earl and Office to Thursdays, but brought Scrubs back 3 months late around no other comedy. It's a move similar to what was done with Newsradio, another great show killed by NBCs meddling.

Great decisions make great networks. Does NBC sound like they are making the right ones?


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