Tuesday, December 27, 2005

She has man hands!

Rachael Ray (mag, wiki page) is a bit over the top. For those uninformed about Rachael, she is a celebrity cook on the Food Network who waives her hands around wildly, makes some fairly disgusting food (Salmon Burgers?), loads on the butter, and has a nasally voice which she uses to spit out a lot of annoying phrases. She has two television shows, a magazine, and multiple books and cookware out there. And now she appears on Leno, Oprah, and a myriad of daytime shows spreading her wares to the viewing public. However, I enjoy her in small bits because it's just so extreme. For those out there that hate her, join the club. Seriously. These people despise everything about her, even her regional colloquialisms. It's a bit elitist, but damn if it's not fun to read.

BTW, here she was 10 pounds ago looking pretty hot. She has a nice girl-next-door look to her. Thick's never been bad, not to most guys. But you do have to get by the personality, and the cooking, and the . . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you stink

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